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  • Spotify launched personalized AI playlists, Microsoft starts new office in London for consumer AI, and more

Spotify launched personalized AI playlists, Microsoft starts new office in London for consumer AI, and more

Good morning, Spotify launched personalized AI playlists, Microsoft starts new office in London for consumer AI, and more. Have a great week ahead.

Spotify launched personalized AI playlists

(Image Credits: Spotify)

Spotify is adding the ability for users to create playlists based on prompts. Behind the scene, Spotify will use LLMs to understand the users intent and it’s understanding of users taste to build the playlist. Users can also ask the AI to update the playlist based on the prompts. This feature is currently in beta on Android and iOS devices in the U.K. and Australia.

Microsoft starts new office in London for consumer AI

(Image Credits: Microsoft)

Microsoft has announced that they are going to start a new consumer AI research hub in London. It will be led by Jordan Hoffmann, an AI scientist and engineer from Inflection AI, a startup which Microsoft has invested. They are planning to hire more employees and build the consumer AI research team in London.

ChatGPT Enterprise now has more than 600,000 users

COO of OpenAI Brad Lightcap said there are now more than 600,000 people signed up to use ChatGPT Enterprise, up from around 150,000 in January. Enterprises are now more willing to adopt generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT to integrate it into their own products and internal operations.

Lightcap said “[2024] is going to be the year of adoption for AI in the enterprise…We’re just seeing tremendous momentum.”.

NexaAI launched Octopus V2

NexaAI has launched a new generative AI model called Octopus V2. Nexa claims it outperforms GPT-4, 35x Faster and more accurate than RAG & Llama-7B <1s latency.

This marks a huge leap forward for LLM and personal computing. On device models can greatly improve security and capabilities of LLMs. Not to mention they have huge implications for personal agents.

Higgsfield AI launched Diffuse

Higgsfield AI has launched a new on device foundational model called Diffuse which excels at creating personalised characters with lifelike motion - with just 1 selfie and all on mobile. They have released an iOS app which lets you upload images and generate videos for social media.

Meta, Google, Amazon and Apple license images from Shutterstock for AI training

Big tech firms such as Meta, Google, Amazon and Apple all struck agreements with stock image provider Shutterstock to use hundreds of millions of images, videos and music files in its library for training, according to Reuters. The deals for licensing images are expected to be in $25 - $50 million in range. On average the rate of the data is expected to be in $1 to $2 per image, $2 to $4 per short-form video and $100 to $300 per hour of longer films

Teachers are using AI to grade essays

A report by strategy consultant Tyton Partners found that half of the students used AI tools in the fall 2023. The percentage of faculty members using AI grew to 22% of faculty members in the fall of 2023, up from 9% in spring 2023.

Both students and teachers are increasingly using AI tools for their work. Teachers are relying on ChatGPT, Writable, Grammarly and EssayGrader to assist with grading papers, writing feedback, developing lesson plans and creating assignments. Students on the other hand are relying on learning tools like ChatGPT and Microsoft CoPilot.

That’s all for today’s AI and tech news, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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