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  • Reddit teams up with OpenAI to bring content to ChatGPT, Snowflake is planning to buy Reka AI, and more

Reddit teams up with OpenAI to bring content to ChatGPT, Snowflake is planning to buy Reka AI, and more

Good evening, in today’s AI news Reddit teams up with OpenAI to bring content to ChatGPT, Snowflake planning to buy Reka AI and more. Have a good day ahead.

Perplexity AI adds ex-executives from Google and Bing as Advisers

AI search startup, Perplexity AI is bulking up its team with tech veterans like ex-Google advisor Rich Miner and former Microsoft Bing chief Mikhail Parakhin. The company, valued at $1 billion, is looking to take on Google in the search game with its AI-powered question-and-answer interface.

Perplexity believes its focus on a clean, user-friendly app will win users over, even as Google rolls out similar AI features and Open AI readies its own search product.

Snowflake is planning to buy Reka AI for $1 Billion

Data giant Snowflake is reportedly in talks to buy AI startup Reka AI for over $1 billion. This move would boost Snowflake’s offerings in generative AI, a field that’s hot in the tech world. Generative AI uses massive datasets to create realistic text, voice or images.

Reka AI, founded by ex-Google and Meta researchers, creates LLM (large language models) for tasks like image captioning or chatbots. Snowflake already offers its own AI model, Arctic, and lets customers use others on their data.

The deal will close amid slow revenue growth of the company and a rush among tech companies to acquire AI talent. Snowflake’s CEO, a Google veteran himself, sees generative AI as a key growth area.

Reddit teams up with OpenAI to bring content to ChatGPT

Reddit and OpenAI are teaming up. This partnership will allow OpenAI”s products, like the popular chatbot ChatGPT, to access and learn from Reddit’s massive amount of content. In return, Reddit will get new AI features for its users and revenue share from OpenAI.

This deal comes as Reddit seeks new ways to make money after its IPO and capitalize on the value of its user base and high quality data.

Snapchat CEO plans on shifting focus to AI after reviving ad business

Snapchat is shifting its focus to AI after successfully reviving its ad business. The company spent years struggling to keep up with changing social media trends and revamping its advertising strategy. Now, with a profitable advertisement model in place, Snapchat plans to invest heavily in AI. Unlike its peers at Alphabet and Microsoft, Snapchat is working with Amazon and Google for cloud partnerships.

The main focus for now is AR (augmented reality). While Snap hasn’t released new AR glasses in years, it is still developing the technology behind the scenes. Spiegel believes AR is the future because it allows people to connect and share experiences in the real world.

That’s all for today’s AI and tech news, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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