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  • OpenAI partners with Vox Media, Anthropic brings ex-OpenAI safety lead for new team head, and more

OpenAI partners with Vox Media, Anthropic brings ex-OpenAI safety lead for new team head, and more

Good morning, in today’s AI news OpenAI partners with Vox Media, Anthropic brings ex-OpenAI safety lead for new team head and more. Have a good day ahead.

OpenAI partners with Vox Media

OpenAI has announced partnership with Vox Media. With this partnership, OpenAI will be able to enhance its products with Vox Media’s archives. Vox Media on the other hand will receive brand attribution and audience referrals. Vox Media owns multiple media properties including Vox, The Verge, Eater, New York Magazine, The Cut, Vulture, and SB Nation.

Anthropic brings ex-OpenAI safety lead for new team head

Source: The First Post

AI safety expert Jan Leike left OpenAI and joined competitor Anthropic to lead a new team focused on ensuring safe and reliable AI development. Leike criticized OpenAI’s prioritization and believed Anthropic’s focus on safety better aligns with his goals. Leike's team is working on tough problems that might come with really powerful new inventions. This is happening a lot in tech companies these days. Anthropic wants to be the best at making sure these inventions are safe, unlike OpenAI which is more interested in making money from them.

Safety and Security Committee formed at OpenAI

Source: ET Telecom

To ensure the safe development of advanced AI, OpenAI has established a Safety and Security Committee. This committee, led by prominent board members and technical experts, will address and strengthen OpenAI’s safety protocols within the next 90 days. Their recommendations will be made public after board approval, reflecting OpenAI’s commitment to responsible AI advancement despite its cutting-edge research. This committee underlines OpenAI’s focus on both groundbreaking AI and safe implementation. 

Recall is here to Revolutionize your Memory

Source: Recall AI

We have a new AI tool in the market that will capture your digital activity and use it as a memory. reMind is an AI application that will capture, transcribe and index digital activity from your device to easily recall important information. reMind also lets add customization that suits your needs. Features such as frequency of the screenshots, organization of indexed data and format of transcriptions can be done. In short, reMind AI will be the artificial memory of your device that boosts productivity. 

Taskade introduces Multi-Chats with AI Agents

Source: Taskade

Taskade, a project management tool, has introduced a new feature called Multi-Chats for their AI agents. This means you can now have multiple conversations going with the same AI assistant, on different projects or topics. 

This enables seamless multitasking. You can chat with the AI agent about different things at the same time. For instance, you can have one chat about brainstorming marketing ideas and another about managing your to-do list for the day.

That’s all for today’s AI and tech news, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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