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  • OpenAI opens office in Tokyo, Apple is adding AI features in M4 chips, and more

OpenAI opens office in Tokyo, Apple is adding AI features in M4 chips, and more

Good morning, Apple is adding AI features in M4 chips, OpenAI opens office in Tokyo, and more. Have a great week ahead.

Apple is adding AI features in M4 chips

Image Credits: Apple

Apple is looking to add more AI capabilities on their next generation of M4 chips according to Bloomberg. The new chips are expected to be capable of running LLMs on devices. Apple is expected to announce integration of AI into their software and services in the upcoming WWDC conference.

Sam Altman discussed about global AI infrastructure with UAE

Image Credits: The Japan Times

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to discuss forming a global consortium for the AI industry, focusing on funding and supplying infrastructure. Talks included Emirati officials, investors, and the US ambassador, with plans involving energy, semiconductors, and data center capacity.

Altman has sought funding from industry giants like G42, Softbank, and Microsoft for chip fabs dedicated to AI accelerators. Discussions also covered expanding data center capacity and exploring alternative power sources like nuclear energy.

USA and Japan has announced academic AI partnership with funding from Microsoft, Nvidia and other Japanese firms

Nvidia, Amazon, Arm, Softbank, Microsoft, and nine other Japanese companies are contributing $110 million to fund academic partnership between Japanese and USA universities on AI research. The University of Washington will collaborate with the University of Tsukuba, and Carnegie Mellon University will collaborate with Tokyo's Keio University.

Carnegie Mellon and Keio University will be focusing their research efforts on multimodal and multi-lingual learning, embodied AI or AI for robots, autonomous AI symbiosis with humans, life sciences, and AI for scientific discovery.

OpenAI opens office in Tokyo

Image Credits: Reuters

OpenAI has opened a new office in Tokyo,Japan. This the fourth office of OpenAI globally. OpenAI is looking to launch a new version of GPT-4 which is going to be more optimised for the Japanese language. OpenAI has also hired Tadao Nagasaki as the President of OpenAI in Japan to lead the ChatGPT enterprise efforts in Japan.

Japan has been receiving lot of interest and investment lately on AI. Microsoft has announced investment in data centres in Japan. Generative AI startups like Sakana AI are also based out of Japan.

That’s all for today’s AI and tech news, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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