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  • OpenAI Gears Up for Major ChatGPT Announcement, Anthropic Opens Generative AI to Minors, and more

OpenAI Gears Up for Major ChatGPT Announcement, Anthropic Opens Generative AI to Minors, and more

Good evening; in today’s AI news, the focus is more on developments in AI accessibility for younger users, upcoming announcements from OpenAI, the strategic partnerships of AI startups, and Apple's commitment to in-house AI technology. Have a great day ahead.

AI Makes Strides in Education: Anthropic Opens Generative AI to Minors

Anthropic, an AI startup, allows minors to use its generative AI systems in certain circumstances. The company will allow teens and preteens to use third-party apps powered by its AI models, provided they implement safety features and disclose the Anthropic technologies used. Anthropic plans to provide technical measures to tailor AI product experiences for minors.

Anthropic's policy changes as kids and teens increasingly use generative AI tools for schoolwork and personal issues. Rival vendors like Google and OpenAI are exploring more use cases for children, with OpenAI forming a team for child safety and Google making its chatbot Gemini available to teens in English.

OpenAI Gears Up for Major ChatGPT Announcement

OpenAI will announce ChatGPT updates via livestream on Monday, sparking speculation about its next major release. Speculation has been swirling about what OpenAI might reveal, with some anticipating a rival search product to Google and Perplexity.

However, OpenAI has officially confirmed they won't launch a search product at this event.

Alphabet Inc.'s stock price, which had dipped earlier, recovered slightly after

this news.

Anthropic Defends Partnerships, Emphasizes Independence

AI startup Anthropic is defending its collaborative approach, highlighting the importance of partnerships with tech giants like Google and Amazon. It maintains more independence than rival OpenAI, a decision co-founder Dario Amodei believes distinguishes Anthropic from other tech firms.

Apple Goes In-House for AI Power: Server Chips to Fuel iOS 18 Features

Apple's commitment to AI takes a significant leap forward. The tech leader plans to develop its own server chips designed for AI tasks within its data centres, aiming to infuse its devices with AI capabilities. High-end chips will be placed in cloud-computing servers for advanced AI tasks, while simpler features will be processed directly on iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

This concludes the roundup of AI news for today. Watch this space for further updates on the rapidly changing field of artificial intelligence!