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  • OpenAI to display News Corp content, Ideogram launches AI-generated patterns, and more

OpenAI to display News Corp content, Ideogram launches AI-generated patterns, and more

Good morning, in today’s AI news OpenAI to display News Corp content, Ideogram launches AI-generated patterns, and more. Have a great weekend ahead.

Amazon to charge monthly fee for AI in Alexa

Source: TechSpot

Amazon announced plans to introduce a paid tier for its Alexa voice assistant. This premium service, featuring advanced AI capabilities, will require a monthly subscription fee. The upgrade aims to enhance Alexa’s conversational abilities, making it more competitive with similar offerings from OpenAI and Google.

Specific pricing details remain undetermined. Currently, Alexa offers basic functionalities free of charge. This development reflects Amazon’s commitment to staying at the forefront of AI-powered voice assistant technology.

Stack AI is making it easier to build AI powered workflows

Source: TechCrunch

MIT graduates Antoni Rosinol and Bernardo Aceituno founded Stack AI to address the challenge of incorporating complex AI models into business workflows. Their low-code platform simplifies this process, allowing users to build AI-powered applications like chatbots and assistants through a drag-and-drop interface. 

Despite being a young company, Stack AI has garnered over 200 customers in just six months. They prioritize responsible AI use, particularly in healthcare where data quality is paramount. Their platform emphasizes human oversight and provides source citations for AI-generated responses, ensuring informed decision-making.

Stack AI’s focus on user experience and responsible development positions them to make AI workflows more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

News Corp and OpenAI to form data partnership

Source: TechXplore

News Corp and OpenAI have forged a groundbreaking multi-year partnership. This collaboration will provide OpenAI access to a vast library of news content from News Corp’s prestigious publications, including The Wall Street Journal and The Times. 

By incorporating this credible information, OpenAI aims to empower users with reliable sources for informed-decision making. News Corp will not only share current and archived content but also contribute its journalistic expertise. 

This ensures that OpenAI’s applications uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity. Both parties view this agreement as a pivotal moment, paving the way for a future where AI and journalism co-exist to deliver insightful and trustworthy information at an unprecedented pace. 

Ideogram launches AI-generated patterns

Source: Ideogram

Ideogram, a rising star in AI-powered image generation, unveiled Ideogram Tile. This exciting new feature empowers users to bring their design visions to life by generating seamless patterns from mere text descriptions.

Designers, artists and businesses can now create captivating wallpapers, immersive landscapes, and endless textures, all fueled by the power of AI. Ideogram Tille’s launch follows the company’s impressive $80 million Series A funding round, signifying their commitment to expanding their creative toolset.

This user-centric feature positions Ideogram as a leader in accessible generative AI, poised to ignite innovation in fields like interior design, fashion, and gaming. 

Deep Learning launches a short course with Qualcomm

DeepLearning.ai has launched a short course called “Introduction to on-device AI” in collaboration with Qualcomm. This is a one hour beginner course taught by Krishna Sridhar. The course teaches you:

  • Key concepts of on-device deployment such as neutral network graph capture, on-device compilation and hardware acceleration. 

  • Convert pre-trained models from PyTorch and TensorFlow for on-device compatibility.

  • Deploy a real-time image segmentation model on a device with just a few lines of code.

  • Test your model performance and validate numerical accuracy when deploying to on-device environments.