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  • Humane launches AI Pin, Meta is testing AI chatbot on Whatsapp in India and Africa, and more

Humane launches AI Pin, Meta is testing AI chatbot on Whatsapp in India and Africa, and more

Good morning, Humane launches AI Pin for $699, Meta releases custom AI chips, and more. Have a great weekend ahead.

Humane launched AI Pin for $699

Image Credits: Forbes

Founded by former Apple designers, Humane has launched AI Pin for $699. It was first announced last year. It introduces a new way to interact with AI through the use of voice, camera and digital projections.

AI Pin will require a mandatory subscription for its AI and cloud services at $24/month. The subscription will be free for three months after the purchase of device. It is one of the first AI driven consumer device along with Rabbit r1. Recent breakthroughs in voice and image processing has made it possible to interact more naturally with our devices. These new AI centric consumer devices are trying to reimagine how we interact with computers with new AI capabilities.

Meta is testing Meta AI chatbot on Whatsapp in India and Africa

Meta is testing Meta AI on Whatsapp in India and some regions of Africa. It allows users to generate photo realistic images, answer user queries and also search previous messages in chats. Behind the scenes, Meta AI is using Llama open source LLM model for its chatbot.

OpenAI improves capabilities of GPT-4 Turbo in writing, math, logical reasoning, and coding

Image Credits: OpenAI

In the midst of extreme competition with Claude, OpenAI has released a new version of GPT-4 turbo, which improves in writing, math, logical reasoning and coding skills. This update puts GPT-4 back on the top of the best LLM models just above Claude-3-opus

Udio launched AI music generation app

Image Credits: Udio

Udio launched a new music generation app that has taken internet by storm. It can generate music in different genre, voices, instruments and locals. It is designed to generate music with prompts. This gives users the ability to specify different aspects of the music such as lyrics, theme, instruments, etc.

Meta releases custom AI chips

Image Credits: Meta

Meta has announced Meta Training and Inference Accelerator (MTIA), a custom made silicon by Meta for AI. MTIA has 3.5x the dense compute performance & 7x the sparse compute performance of its predecessor MTIA v1. Meta has been trying to expand its AI infrastructure and improve their offerings in AI through vertically integrating their tech stack. Over time Meta is expecting this chip to boost their LLM models.

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