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  • Google launched Code Assist, a competitor to Github Copilot, Agent Builder for Vetex AI, and more

Google launched Code Assist, a competitor to Github Copilot, Agent Builder for Vetex AI, and more

Good morning, Google has launched huge updates at Cloud Next 2024 including Code Assist, a competitor to Github Copilot, agent builder for Vertex AI, and more. Here is everything you need to know about recent announcements.

Google launches Code Assist, a competitor to GitHub Copilot

Google has launched Gemini Code Assist, as part of it’s Gemini for Google Cloud offering. It will provide assistance for developers in programming related workflows. Gemini Code Assist will be available for developers in both IDE (e.g. IntelliJ, VS Code, etc.) and Cloud.

When using Gemini Code Assist in IDE, it will help in code completions, generate full functions or code blocks from comments, generate unit tests, and help with debugging, understanding, and documenting code.

When using Gemini Code Assist in Google Cloud, it will enable users to ask questions about their cloud in natural language. It can provide summaries of log entries in Cloud Logging and errors in Error Reporting to help understand and troubleshoot issues.

Nvidia’s next-gen Blackwell platform will come to Google Cloud in early 2025

Google has announced that the latest NVIDIA Blackwell platform will be coming to Google Cloud in early 2025. It will be available in two variations: the HGX B200 and the GB200 NVL72. The HGX B200 is designed for the most demanding AI, data analytics, and HPC workloads, while the GB200 NVL72 powers real-time large language model inference and massive-scale training performance for trillion-parameter- scale models.

Google adds more AI features to Google Workspace

Google is adding multiple Gemini AI features to Google Workspace. These include:

  1. Create and share videos in google docs, sheets and slides. Users can also edit the generated videos and apply their own voice over.

  2. Google will automatically translate captions in different languages. It will now support 69 languages in total.

  3. A new tabs experience in Docs will help users organize related information in a single document.

  4. Gmail will now support voice prompting to generate emails. This is going to be useful for mobile users.

  5. New security features will allow IT teams to train privacy-preserving AI models on data unique to a company, this will enable continuous evaluation, classification and protection of existing and new files in Drive.

Imagen 2 gets text-to-live image capabilities

Google is adding new text-to-live image capabilities to Imagen 2, its best text to image generator. This new feature will enable marketing teams to generate live image which can be shared as gifs on social media.

Google adds Agent Builder to Vertex AI, its enterprise AI platform

(Image Credits: Google)

Google’s Vertex AI allows enterprises to customise, deploy and manage generative AI models. Vertex AI currently supports 130 models and is expanding support to new models including Gemini 1.5 Pro, Claude 3, CodeGemma, Imagen 2.0.

Google is also launching Vertex AI Agent Builder which will allow users to develop and deploy generative AI agents. To create new agents, developers can define the goal they want the agent to achieve, provide step-by-step instructions that the agent should follow to achieve that goal, and share a few conversational examples for the agent to follow. 

Google adds Gemini to Security Operations

(Image Credits: Google)

Google is adding new features to improve the efficiency of cybersecurity teams. New Gemini AI assisted features will guide analysts through their workflow in Chronicle Enterprise and Chronicle Enterprise Plus. Gemini will recommends actions based on the context of an investigation, and can run searches and create detection rules to improve response times.