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  • AWS Bedrock announced Custom Model Import, Perplexity AI is valued at $1 Billion, and more

AWS Bedrock announced Custom Model Import, Perplexity AI is valued at $1 Billion, and more

Good evening, in today’s AI news AWS Bedrock announced Custom Model Import, Perplexity AI is not valued at $1 Billion, and more.

Amazon announced Custom Model Import in AWS Bedrock

Image Credits: AWS

As more enterprises are working to develop their own custom GenerativeAI models, Amazon is introducing Custom Model Import (CMI) functionality as part of the AWS Bedrock service. Organizations will be able to import and access their models through APIs. The custom models will also get tools to expand their knowledge, fine-tune them and implement safeguards.

Perplexity AI raises $63 million and is valued at more than $1 Billion

Image Credits: Perplexity AI

AI search startup has raised $63 million in its recent round of funding led by Daniel Gross and with participation from billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller, Y Combinator Chief Executive Officer Garry Tan, and Figma Inc. CEO Dylan Field.

Perplexity AI offers an AI chatbot for search and frequently updates its knowledge base. It provides free and paid services and generates $20 million in annual revenue. The company also announced an enterprise-focused search product, which is focused on security and data protection.

Adobe announced Firefly Image 3

Image Credits: Adobe

Adobe has announced Firefly Image 3 during the Max Conference in London. The model produces more realistic images and has enhanced capabilities such as improved lighting, text generation, improved rendering of text and icons, and the ability to depict a wide variety of moods and expressions.

Adobe releases VideoGigaGAN

Image Credits: Adobe

Adobe has released the VideoGigaGAN model, a new generative Video super-resolution (VSR) model that can produce videos with high-frequency details and temporal consistency. Previous video upscaling models had problems generating blurrier images. VideoGigaGAN can upsample videos up to 8x while preserving temporal consistency. 

Play.ai launches AI platform for human-like voice agents and voice interfaces

Image Credits: Play AI

Play.ai has launched an AI platform for voice agents' voice interfaces. It is powered by a Large Dialogue Model (LDM), Play LDM 1.0. It can handle turn-taking, interruption, voice energy, and emotion modulation for natural, fluid, and human conversations in real time.

 It can be integrated with any LLM, AI Agent, application, or device to give it natural interactive conversational voice capabilities instantly.

That’s all for today’s AI and tech news, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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