🍎 Apple Launches Apple Intelligence

Good evening, Apple just launched new Generative AI capabilities at WWDC including ChatGPT integration, Apple Intelligence, and more. Here is everything you need to know about the latest AI news.

Apple launches Apple Intelligence

Source: Apple

Apple has just launched Apple Intelligence which integrates generative AI capabilities across it’s platform. Apple Intelligence will allow users to use AI capabilities such as text generation, image generation and perform actions on user’s behalf.

Enhanced Siri

Source: Apple

With Apple Intelligence, Siri now features a redesigned interface, enhanced language understanding, and the option to type commands. It can contextually understand personal details, execute actions within and across apps, and provide detailed product knowledge, making interactions more natural and assistance more powerful than ever.

Writing Capabilities

Source: Apple

Apple has added new writing tools which allows users to use Generative AI to write texts in iPhone and Mac. Users will be able to:

  1. Generate text based on your prompt

  2. Proofread existing text and suggest changes

  3. Rewrite the text in different tone or format

  4. Summarize existing text

  5. Generate tables, Identify key points from existing text

Image Playground

Source: Apple

The Image Playground feature in your apps will let you quickly create unique images from descriptions, suggested concepts, or photos. You can customize the style to match various contexts, like Messages, Freeform boards, or Keynote slides. Experiment with styles such as animation, illustration, and sketch in the dedicated app, and easily share your creations with friends or on social media.

Integration with ChatGPT

Source: Apple

With ChatGPT integrated into Siri and Writing Tools, Siri can now handle more complex requests, including questions about photos and documents. Users can create and illustrate content using Compose in Writing Tools. ChatGPT usage is controlled by the user and requires permission before sharing information. Access to ChatGPT is free, with additional features available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers who connect their accounts to Siri.

Apart from above features, Apple also announced Genmoji, Text to Voice features in Apple Notes, Image editing features to Apple Photos, and more.

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