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🤯 Anthropic's Claude 3.5 beats ChatGPT

Good morning, Anthropic just released the most advanced AI model to date beating OpenAI’s ChatGPT, AI video generation platform HeyGen valued at $500 million with new funding, and more. Have a great day ahead.

Anthropic releases Claude 3.5 Sonnet

Source: Anthropic

Anthropic has released Claude-3.5 Sonnet which is twice as fast than it’s previous versions. The model outperforms ChatGPT on several key capabilities such as coding and text-based reasoning. The company is focused primarily on business customers and business use cases. They are focused on developing intelligent models which support high level intelligent work. Their models were previously used by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer which used the chatbot for research and drug discovery.

PocketFM partners with Eleven Labs

Source: PocketFM

PocketFM, an audio series platform has partnered with text-to-speech generative AI startup Eleven Labs to develop content. PocketFM has already produced 30,000 hours of audio series using Eleven Labs and plans to triple to content to 100,000 hours by the end of this year while reducing costs by 90%. PocketFM expects AI technology to 10x the productivity of their content creation teams.

Amazon is bringing generative AI listing tools to European sellers

Source: Amazon

Amazon has announced that they are bringing generative AI features to sellers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The tools will allow sellers to generate compelling product titles, descriptions, and other details by providing a few descriptive words or just uploading a product image. The tools will also automatically add missing information and improve overall content quality.

HeyGen valued at $500 Million with new funding

Source: HeyGen

Realistic video creation startup HeyGen has recently raised funding of $60 million which has increased it’s valuation to $500 million. Founded in 2020, HeyGen allows users to create photorealistic videos of avatars that can speak and translate words in different languages. HeyGen has been used by nonprofits and corporate customers to create internal training videos, ad campaigns and visual chatbots that people can engage with in real time.

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